Age: 49
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Marital status: single
D.O.B.: 4-21-30
Missing since: not missing
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Birthplace: Venezuela
Residence: Venezuela
Occupation: jungle guide

Education: n/a
Hobbies: whatever suits his fancy

Not much is known about Jacko Losojos other than he was born to wealthy parents, owners of a large chain of sugar refineries in Caracas, the largest city in Venezuela. Jacko briefly attended Andres Bello Catholic University, but was expelled after an incident involving several cans of whipped cream, water balloons, and three angry nuns. The class clown in school, and always having a taste for adventure, he had a particular calling to brave the wilds of the Amazon, guiding tourists through its remarkable rain forests. 

Jacko has been a jungle guide for 30 of his 49 years. He is the best, the most expensive guide -- because everyone who goes in with him, comes back out alive. Jacko knows the jungle like the back of his hand. 

It is rumored that Alan Yates got into a dispute with Jacko over his rate to lead them into the jungle, and chose to hire a less noteworthy jungle guide at a cheaper rate which would fit into the production's budget.